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6,87  (51,76 kn)

  • This oil is a strong analgesic, and helps with headaches, migraines, muscle aches, painful menstruation, etc.
  • It stimulates liver cell metabolism and helps with liver regeneration.



Everyone knows the smell of peppermint! The essential oil is distinctive, popular and versatile. It supports digestion, respiration, and the muscles and joints, and it uplifts and invigorates a tired mind. It can be sniffed directly from the bottle, used in a car scenter on long journeys to help prevent problems with nausea and fatigue. It is refreshing to the nasal passages when used as an inhalant. Put a drop on the temples or forehead for instant refreshment. Use it in a blend to rub onto the abdomen. This will help settle and cleanse the digestive system. Combine it with lavender in a foot bath for instant vitality and refreshment.


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