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  • This non-alcoholic face tonic softens the skin, restores its healthy and radiant glow and improves its tone.
  • It is suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin.
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Facial tonic is an irreplaceable step in daily face an eye care. All the harmonising and revitalising qualities of a rose are combined this delicate floral rose water (rosa damascena). Allantoin, which acts as an astringent, soothes and renews your skin, while shrinking the pores. Panthenol protects and regenerates your skin. Saffron bulb extract stimulates the keratinocytes to produce growth factors and thus increase collagen and elastin synthesis. The royal scent of the rose gives extreme pleasure and freshness. It does not contain alcohol and does not dry the skin. After cleansing apply Toner with a otton ball always use gentle, upward strokes. Applying toner is an essential part of your skin care regimen.


rosa damascena hydrosol, panthenol, glycerine, crocus chrysanthus bulb, allantoin.


Apply it to your skin in the morning and in the evening. Spray it on to your skin and leave it to dry without wiping or rubbing it.


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