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7,30  (55,00 kn)

  • It can also be used as a compress for dry skin on the elbows, knees and feet.
  • This hydrolate can be used to remove makeup and as a skin moisturizer.



Floral water does not contain alcohol. Geranium floral water can be used for all ages. It is balancing and good for oily, sensitive and dry skin alike. It can be used daily as a compress to help with dry skin on the elbows, knees and feet. The floral water can also be used as a natural make up remover and is an excellent spritzer to re-hydrate the skin in the daytime. The water is also cooling and soothing to overheated skin. Geranium floral water also works well as a natural spray on cuts, scrapes and grazed knees for children.


Spray over the face and body. Do not rinse. After floral water apply vegetable oil or cream.


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