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DETOX OIL 100 ml

90,00 kn

  • Detoxifying synergy for the effect of purity and revitalization.



A detox synergy for a revitalizing and cleansing massage. Also ideal for slimming massages. Detox Massage Oil combines selected vegetable oils with the soothing essential oils for maximum body puryfication. This Massage Oil can help to clean body of toxins and will leave your skin feeling supple and  rejuvenated.


prunus dulcis oleum, prunus armeniaca oleum, citrus limonum, juniper communis, cedrus atlantica, citrus paradisi, zingiber oficinalis, tocopherol.


Gently massage with circular motion on to damp skin.

Safety: Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use on children under 6 years. Do not take orally.


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